The mission of Shammah Outreach and Consulting Services is to be an incubator for individuals and groups, giving empowerment tools and assistance necessary to build a thriving and vibrant community.



The vision of Shammah Outreach and Consulting Services is to fulfill the Isaiah 61:1-4 anointing in the community.


The purpose of Shammah Outreach and Consulting Services is to fill in gaps in services holistically to help individuals reach their highest potential.


Biblical ~ Collaborative ~ Innovative ~ Empowering ~ Holistic ~ Resourceful ~ Strategic 

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We are a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Flint, MI, that takes the anointing found in Isaiah 61:1-4 seriously.  We strive to reach out in our community with not only the good news of Jesus, but practical expressions of meeting needs and providing resources that empower.  If outreach is the purpose, we are or will be involved.

The areas in which we desire to make a difference by filling in the gaps are in housing, food, clothing, community empowerment, education, support systems/discipleship. In addition to the outreach and filling in gaps in services, we also serve as an umbrella for individuals and small groups who have a vision for a ministry.  If the vision fills in a gap and aligns with our core values, we will give individuals and small groups assistance in program planning, policy and procedure writing, grant writing, and have connections to other resources which will give them the ability to get started.

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